4 Visa Temples In India you were unaware about

You have surely heard about the Visa Consulates who give visa to those who dream of foreign land. However have you heard about Gods and Temples who do this job and as per their believers, the success rate is very high.

We do not authenticate this information as this is more of a belief for those who have dreamnt of foreign land of business, education or leisure.

Visa Hanuman Temple in Ahmedabad

The famous 400-year-old Visa Hanuman Temple in Ahmedabad is located at Desai Ni Pol in Khadia is believed to help in getting Visas.

Annually, thousands of Indians apply for migration Visas and then proceed to temples which they believe will help in an early Visa approval. 400-year-old Visa Hanuman Temple in Ahmedabad is one such temple and another new temple that is receiving lot of Visa devotees is the seven-month old Chamatakarik Shree Hanuman Ji Ka Mandir in Neb Sarai.

Hyderabad Chilkur Balaji Temple – the Visa God


Chilkur Balaji Temple is about 25 km from Hyderabad off the Vikarabad road and on the banks of Osmansagar. Many Indians seek divine intervention and head to the Chilkur Balaji Temple – the Visa God.This temple was featured in ‘Mano ya mano‘ series of reality show.

Lord Venkateswara is the deity here. He is known as visa granting Balaji. It is one of the ancient temple near the banks of Osman sagar lake. Since few years this place has become one of the top pilgrimage destination for truly aspiring US-visa candidates. It has been said that during 1980’s few of the students who faced rejection at the Chennai US visa consulate came here, prayed and then their wishes were fulfilled. Since then the temple has acquired the reputation of granting the elite American Visa.

Chamatkari Shree Hanumanji- Visa Hanuman- Delhi

It is known that during the time of British Raj in India, when the rules and regulations for acquiring Visa for USA and England were already very strict, the Deity of Shri Hanuman Dada started to show its miracle and power.

As their success stories of Hanuman Dada’s blessings became known to the world, people from all over India came to the Lord with their Passport, Visa files/letters and sought his blessings for their issues in Visa. Remarkably, Shri Hanumanji continued to shower his mercy on the people who went to him in total faith.

A large number of people in India make it a point to begin their Visa work and documentation only after visiting Shri Hanumanji and offering the documents at his feet. They visit every Saturdays before going to any foreign Embassy to offer Puja and Prasad without fail.  And THEIR WISHES HAVE COME TRUE, THANKS TO Shri Hanumanji.

Veetririndha Perumal Temple- Chennai

The temple town of Thirumazhisai is about 25 km from Chennai. It is situated on the Tiruvallur High Road and just one Km away from Chennai Bangalore trunk road. There is an Perumal temple .However, the Moolavar VEETRIRUNDHA PERUMAL (Prime deity) is seen here in a sitting posture with his partners on either side. This temple is in the middle of the town. There are rock edicts to show that the temple has been stood by kings of the Cholas dynasty. At the entrance to the main temple stands a tall idol of Anjaneya Swamy carrying the Sanjeevi Parvai. This has an imposing and inviting appearance in the cozy little village. Those who want visa to go abroad can visit and pray for their wishes. 

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