6 Facts You Need To Know About The Bravery Award

The government has announced the winners of the National Bravery Awards for the year 2016. 25 children (12 girls & 13 boys) will receive the awards for 2016.  4 of the 25 awards this year are being given posthumously. But what exactly are these awards?

1.The National Awards to Children for bravery scheme was started 59 years ago in the year 1957 by the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW)(External website that opens in a new window) to recognize and honor children who have performed outstanding deeds of bravery and selfless sacrifice.

2.The selection for the award are made from the applications received from sources like the central/state government departments, Panchayats, Zilla parishads (district level govt. bodies), school authorities as well as state and Union territory councils for child welfare.

3.The national bravery awards to children are given in 5 different categories.

  • Bharat Award: Instituted in 1987 and awarded to exceptionally outstanding gallantry deed.
  • Geeta Chopra Award: Instituted in 1978 and given to a girl.
  • Sanjay Chopra Award: Instituted in 1978 and given to a boy.
  • Bapu Gaidhani Awards (three): Instituted in 1988 and given to 3 children
  • General Awards: Instituted in 1957

4.The child applying for the award should not be below 6 years and above 18 years of age on the date of the incident.  The incident in which the deed was performed should have occurred between July 1st of the previous year and June 30th of the current year for the current year’s award.

5.The Awardees receive a medal, a certificate and cash award. The Awardees also receive various gifts from philanthropic organizations. The children will receive their Awards from the Prime Minister every year prior to Republic Day and thereafter participate in the Republic Day parade.

6.The awardees also get the following benefits

  • Eligible awardees will be granted financial assistance until they complete their schooling.
  • Some State Governments also provide financial assistance to the awardees.
  • ICCW provides financial assistance under its Indira Gandhi Scholarship Scheme to those undertaking professional courses such as engineering and medicine.
  • For the others, this assistance is provided till they complete their graduation. The Government of India has reserved some seats for the awardees in medical and engineering colleges and polytechnics.

Since the inception of the awards in 1957, the ICCW has given awards to 945 brave children which include 669 boys and 276 girls.

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