An Indian Man With Over 140 Agriculture Inventions

Ace innovator Uddhab Bharali began inventing and came up with over 140 gadgets whose simplicity of design and mechanism mask their usefulness in agricultural work. He strongly believes advances in technology are key to the future of agriculture as farmers strive to feed the world with limited natural resources and combat climate change.

Born in a middle-class business family in North Lakhimpur District of Assam, Bharali completed his schooling from Lakhimpur. The academically bright Bharali was often asked by his teacher to stand outside the class because he asked ‘difficult questions’ in mathematics. He aims to change the agriculture scenario and boost the economy while being environmentally responsible. From simple tasks like pomegranate deseeding and peeling cassava to bigger ones like paddy seeding and processing tea, Bharali has designed machines for a range of uses.

In order to pay his father’s debts and to cater to his natural flair of developing new machines, he developed a new polythene making machine to cater to the demand from surrounding tea estates in Assam.This new machine was developed at a subsidized cost of 67,000 INR as compared to the exorbitantly priced branded machines which then costed around 4 lakh rupees.

The success of this machine gave Bharali the confidence to develop more machines. After repaying his father’s debts, in 1995, Bharali got a contract for the maintenance of the machinery used in a hydro power project in Arunachal Pradesh but he had to return home after three years as his elder brother had passed away due to liver sclerosis.


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