First Indian Rocket was Transported on Cycle

India’s first rocket transported to Thumba Equatorial Launching Station about 52 years ago for the lift-off? It was transported on a bicycle!. The second rocket, which was launched by ISRO sometime later, was a little bigger and heavier and it was transported in a bullock cart for the lift off.

first-rocket-was-trasported-on-cycle-in-indiaIn 1963 Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched its first rocket from Thumba Equatorial Launching Station. The rocket was so small weighing only few kilos that it could be easily carried in one hand.

The station had a single launch pad in the midst of coconut plantations. A local Catholic Church the St Mary Magadelene’s Church served as the main office for the scientists. The bishop’s house was converted into a workshop. A Cattle shed became the laboratory in which young Indian scientists like Abdul Kalam Azad worked and the rocket was transported to lift-off pad ON A BICYCLE.


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