First Indian To be Trained at Shaolin Temple

Shifu Shi Yan You (Kanishka Sharma) is the Official Buddhist Name (Darma Name) given by Shaolin Temple under the Guidance of Abbot Shi Yongxin, is a Shaolin Warrior from Shaolin Temple, China. He is the First Indian To be Trained at Shaolin Temple Under the Guidance of Shifu Shi Heng Jun who introduced him to legendary Grand Master Suxi and his kungfu Brother Shifu Shi Deyang.

Under Shifu Shi Heng Jun Guidance Shifu kanishka got trained in Shaolin jiben gong ShibaShi, Shaolin Tai Tzu Chang quan, Shaolin Wu bu Chuan,Shaolin Qi Xing Chua, Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan, Shaolin Luohan Shi Ba shou, Shaolin Luohan Duanda, Shaolin Luohan chuan, Shaolin Wuxing Bafa (5 animal 8 movement), Shaolin Rumen chuan, Shaolin Kung Chuan, Shaolin Yin Shou Gun, Shaolin 9 Section whip Chain, Shaolin Broadsword (Dao), Shaolin Jian( straight sword),Shaolin Fun Mo Gun, Shaolin XinYi Quan , Shaolin Ba Duan jin and Shaolin yi jin jing Qi Gong. Shifu Kanishka also studied Shaolin San Sa liu Duanda( 36 short fighting combination of Shaolin kungfu) and Shaolin 36 Yin Chin-Na( locking system)

In the year 2005 Shifu Shi Hengjun Travelled to France to spread the knowledge of Shaolin Chan Wu. Since then Shifu kanishka became disciple of Legendary Grand Master Shi Suyi (Liang Yiquan) who Deputed his Disciple Shifu Shi Yanfang who trained him in Shaolin Mehiua Chuan, Shaolin Pao Chua, Shaolin Hu chuan( Tiger fist), Shaolin Eagle Fist, Shaolin Tanglang Quan, Shaolin Kan jia chuan, Shaolin Yangjia Shi San Qiang( 13 Spear), Shaolin Moon Spade, Shaolin Drunken Stick, Shaolin Tong Bei Chuan

In the year 2008 Shifu Kanishka got the honor to train with Da Shifu Shi Yanzi ( a famous monk who has spent 15 years in Shaolin Temple and was known as the Iron bull and has achieved the highest level of shaolin skill called Xin Yi Ba.)

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