India Ranks 2nd In the World for Mobile Penetration.

Can you imagine yourself today without a cell phone?

Today mobile has become an integral part of our life because it is considered as the fastest sources of telecommunication .According to a rough estimate more than 60% people on the planet are using mobile phone which is the a heavy usage. Cell Phone producing companies are generating a heavy income from this industry.

Today almost every person living either of the places on the planet thinks the mobile phone has made their life easy yet complicated. With the help of this great innovation, everyone can manage everything of daily life.The entire world is on your fingertips. Your friends and family are just a call away. It also keeps people more versed with the current happening either in the countryside or on the international level. Here is a statistical report showing the different facts and figures about mobile phones and its users in the world.


Rankings Country or regions Number of mobile phones Population Connections/100 citizens Date of evaluation
 World 7,000,000,000+ 7,324,782,000 96 2015
1 China China 1,660,000,000 1,364,270,000 93.2 October 2014
2 India India 1,034,253,328 1,295,291,543 81.35 30 April 2016
3 United States United States 327,577,529 317,874,628 103.1 April 2014
4 Brazil Brazil 284,200,000 201,032,714 141.3 May 2015
5 Russia Russia 256,116,000 142,905,200 155.5 July 2013
6 Indonesia Indonesia 236,800,000 237,556,363 99.68 Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia September 2013
7 Nigeria Nigeria 167,371,945 177,155,754 94.5 Feb 2014
8 Japan Japan 146,649,600 127,300,000 115.2 2013
9 Pakistan Pakistan 133,283,043 180,854,781 77 Nov 2015
10 Bangladesh Bangladesh 131,376,000 157,497,000 84.95 June 2016

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