Indian God Hanuman Reincarnated

A modern day Hanuman- A boy in India is worshiped as Lord Hanuman because he has is born with a 7 inch tail. Sounds stupefying

We are talking about 13 year old Arshid Ali Khan from Punjab. People there consider him as a reincarnation of the Hindu god Hanuman and also refer him as Balaji.

Arshid lives with his grandfather, Mr.Iqbal Qureshi, and his two uncles, His father is no more and mother had remarried. According to Mr Qureshi, a music instructor, When Arshid spoke for the first time at the age of one all he spoke was the names of Gods from different religions. Arshid’s home has been converted into a temple where his devotees come to visit him and take his blessings and touch his ‘tail’. He also believes that being Hindu or Muslim does not make any difference. He says the tail is given by God.

However, Arshid often struggles to balance his time with his faithful devotees and attending school and playing with his friends. Mostly on weekdays he has to go to school but on Sunday around 20 to 30 people visits him.

Arshid’s condition has not been formally diagnosed. However, this tail is restricting the movement of Arshid and he has to use a wheelchair. He is considering having the ‘tail’ removed. Doctors have suggested his walking problems could be caused by brittle bones. It can also be possible that his tail and partial paralysis could be a sign that he has a form of spina bifida called meningocele. This develops when membranes poke through a hole between the vertebrae in the back.



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