Prem Singh, Dips Hands In Boiling Oil and does not get burns


Prem Singh, 65, has become famed in the backstreets of Old Delhi, India, for his unique ability.The chef regularly uses his bare hands to pluck fried fish from a vat of oil – which is heated up to 200C. But incredibly, the veteran fryer says he has never suffered any burns, blisters or ill effects. Prem Singh is been doing this for 25 years. It is just about experience.

The chef claims to sell over a hundred kilograms of fried fish each day, thanks to the demand to witness his incredible superhuman-esque skills.

The outlet originally just sold fried fish, but over the years, Singh has moved into cooking other popular Indian delicacies such as tandoori chicken, mutton tikkas and kebabs.

Singh’s appetizing food has earned him a fan following, with visitors travelling from across the region to sample it. And Singh hopes his sons will keep up the eatery’s eye-popping tradition of bare-hand frying.

As it turns out, Kumar’s superhuman ability does have a scientific explanation – it’s called the Leidenfrost effect. It states that people can actually submerge their hands in very hot liquids without injury, only if they first dip their hands in cold water. That way, the hot liquid only heats the water on the skin and converts it to steam. The steam creates a protective barrier that prevents the liquid from coming into contact with the skin. This only works for a short period of time, so you’ve got to be quick to remove your hand before the barrier is lost.

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