India’s First Super Computer

“Great nations are not built on borrowed technology.” – Vijay Bhatkar, the Father of Indian Supercomputers

And for his this belief, he is rightly known as the father of Super computers. But do you know the story behind the birth of this super computers. Here is the story of how India’s first-ever indigenous supercomputer was made, a major milestone in modern India’s technological odyssey.

The supercomputer effort in India began in the late 1980s, when the US stopped the export of a Cray supercomputer because of continuing technology embargoes. These countries refused to transfer the knowledge of creating super computers to India, fearing the developing nation might use it to design missiles and warplanes rather than forecast the weather.

Faced with a technology-denial India set up The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in March 1988.

Within three years, the extraordinary happened. With everyone involved working their socks off, C-DAC finally completed its work well within the proposed deadline. With components that could be bought off the shelves, in 1991, C-DAC rolled out India’s first indigenous supercomputer: PARAM 8000.

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