Largest Militarized Territorial Dispute

The twitter, facebook is going viral about the apology letter from Dangal Actor Zaira Wasim. She has got her share of support from all the corners of the country. The reason she was slashed is because of her meeting with Mehbooba Mufti.

We are not sure how big this issue could be and needs this attention. For us what matters more is the place she hails from.

Do you know that Kashmir holds a record of largest militarized territorial dispute in the world.

The Indian media proved us wrong last month that it gives lavish attention to Guinness book of world records. In its 2009 edition, Guinness Book of World Records described Jammu and Kashmir as the ‘largest militarized territorial dispute’ in the world, a fact which didn’t get any space in any electronic news channel or the newspapers. Even in Kashmir the news didn’t get much coverage.
Here is what the Guinness Book of the World Records, while quoting American Intelligence Agency (CIA) fact book, said about Kashmir: “The dispute between China, India and Pakistan for the Kashmir region is the largest and most militarized territorial dispute currently taking place on the planet earth.”
The record book reads: “At any time, up to one million troops confront each other across the Line of Control that represents India and Pakistan administered Kashmir,” the book mentions on page 137 in the chapter ‘modern life’ under the banner ‘World at War’. This is not the first time when media in India has ignored the militarization of Jammu and Kashmir. In fact most of the pro-India mainstream parties are talking about the demilitarization of Jammu and Kashmir as one of the confidence building measure to settle the dispute. But the Government of India insists that troops in JK are to maintain the ‘law and order’. How long? Neither the J&K Government nor the government of India answers this question. Since 1947, we are being told that Indian troops in JK are here to maintain the ‘law and order’. It’s unbearable that 60 years down the line that same law and order continues to be a problem and it requires huge deployment of troops in JK.

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