Trumpified Or Trump Lover

Officially Donald Trump has entered the White House. He surely fought a bitter political battle to be elected as the 45th president of the world’s oldest democracy. India’s past experiences with US presidents show that a Republican president is generally better for us than a Democrat one. But in recent history, Indo-US relations have broadly stuck to a steady path — starting with Democrat Bill Clinton to republican Gorge W. Bush to Democrat Barack Obama.

Here, let us have a look at what could happen to Indo-US relations under Donald Trump.

  • Immigration

Trump has had very strong views on Immigration. He often terms H1B visa programme as ‘unfair’, and his stated purpose is to end the programme. He expects to curb both legal and illegal immigration. The H-1B visas – a non-immigration visa which allows U.S. companies to hire highly talented professionals temporarily. The H-1B visa is extremely important to the Indian software industry. He is often seen exhibiting a double standard towards India — on the one hand he has said India is doing great and on the other he said he would bring American jobs back from India. The removal of this visa will have a disastrous effect on the Indian software companies send some of their staff to work on-site with their clients in the U.S. through the H-1B visas.

  • Trade

Trump’s vision of a Great America is very outdated and conservative. Trump sincerely believes that the world is robbing the Americans of their jobs and thus, wants to close its doors to trade. To do so, he plans to implement tariffs and quotas. Any tariff that Trump proposes to either China or Mexico will affect India as well. Also, many a times, Trump has also expressed his displeasure on the work that is outsourced by America to India.

Trump’s ‘hawkish’ trade policy of ‘America first’ and his plans to renegotiate all foreign trade deals will affect trade treaties with India, too.

Trump   Trump’s promise to reduce the US corporate tax rate from 35 per cent to 15 per cent could result in companies like Ford, GM and Microsoft rushing back to the US.

This rush of US firms will hit Modi’s Make in India push.

However there could be some positive traits for India as well. Like,
Geostrategic affairs: Early reactions indicate that Pakistan and China are nervous about resetting their relationship with the US. That would imply good news for India. While China is concerned about increased American isolationism, Pakistan’s nervousness stems from Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric and his open admiration for India.

Admiration for Narendra Modi: Trump has never hidden his admiration for Narendra Modi and has been effusive in his praise for Hindus and Indians — though it isn’t clear just how much he understands the fact that the terms are not synonymous.I have jobs going up in India right now. I have great respect for India. It’s an amazing country.” He also asserted that were he to be elected, “Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House”.

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